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ANYwhere Online

Nielsen Media Research, Yankelovich Partners and ASI Market Research, three premier market research firms have formed a strategic partnership to develop a comprehensive range of research services for the online world. The alliance is named ANYwhere Online, which is intended not only to represent the names of the three companies (ASI, Nielsen andYankelovich), but also the broad scope of their intentions to provide quality research for as much of cyberspace as possible, from the major commercial online services to the Internet. ANYwhere Online will initially focus on World Wide Web-site usage, appeal and impact. Each partner contributing to ANYwhere Online is the acknowledged leader in its research specialty. Nielsen Media Research is the long-established leader in television audience measurement. Yankelovich is America's preeminent strategic custom research firm, well known for trending American social and consumer values. ASI is the U.S. leader in advertising research and television programming research. While Nielsen, Yankelovich and ASI possess core competencies needed to help clients capitalize on the opportunities presented by the burgeoning online environment, ANYwhere Online will welcome other innovative participants who can add compatible specialties or additional online expertise.

Ceridian/Arbitron NewMedia

Arbitron NewMedia provides a wide range of survey research, consulting, and methodological services to cable, telecommunications, advertising and content development businesses. Arbitron NewMedia services also include quantitative and qualitative audience information for local cable systems, on-demand telephone studies for cable advertising sales, and other custom research services. Arbitron NewMedia, with its business partner, Next Century Media, has created a business alliance to produce a suite of information tools, the CyberMedia Index, which evaluate cyberspace advertising. Arbitron is a Ceridian company. Ceridian Corporation is a leading information services and defense electronics company that services the human resources, electronic media, transportation , gaming and government markets. Its information services segment includes a group of human resources business, The Arbitron Company and Comdata Corporation. Its defense electronics business is Computing Devices International.

The Gallup Organization

From the mission statement:

The Associates of the Gallup, Inc. Companies have joined together as creative, caring business people to build a more productive and harmonious world by empowering people in two complementary thrusts. By focusing on the identification and development of the talents of individuals, and by helping people be heard. These thrusts reveal our mission We believe that companies that have no mission, no deeply felt purpose, can never achieve enduring excellence. No company can grow to greatness unless its members are lifted above the pressures of the moment to get the work done by powerful shared purposes, which we refer to as mission.

We further believe that our greatness must be inextricably interwoven with certain shared moral commitments to the value of people, to integrity and to a passion for doing the right things. As Associates, we must see ourselves achieving excellence at three levels: The individual, the company, and the world.