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Use of Documents

Recipients read the documents frequently. 40%of customers reported reading documents daily, with another 40%doing so several times a week. Only 20%reported reading once a week or less frequently. The time allotted to the documents was relatively briefly, with the mean being 5 minutes a day, but many readers apparently felt this was not enough. Nearly half reported that they saved the interesting documents for later viewing and nearly a fifth are keeping a personal collection of such documents. Both customers and distributors agreed that people read the documents primarily to get a first hand and better view of the political process and to follow an issue that interested them. However, 26%of commercial customers also cited use of the information in the documents as input to their work and professional activities.

The pattern of high interest and constrained time explains that 75%said they select documents by their subject matter, as compared to much smaller percents reporting they select by recency, document type or just read all. It also explains the pattern of above average but cyclical interest in the publication service, which distributors report is the most typical pattern for changes in audience size and use.
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