Intelligent Information Infrastructure Project

M.I.T Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

This project ran from October 1, 1993 to October 1, 1997.

The Intelligent Information Infrastructure Project seeks to develop an extremely general system for distributing and retrieving information that will work over major Internet protocols. The early phases involve building automated tools for managing outbound and inbound communications flows for large organizations, whether via email, distributed hypermedia, or other electronic media. After an initial phase of developing servers along these lines, the project will turn to interactive tools for wide-area communication, including a number of approaches to natural language understanding.

The project grows out of an experiment run during the 1992 Presidential election, when mail agents distributed campaign information, collected questions from citizens, and allowed volunteers to organize. Interest in political communication continues as members of the project work with the White House, the Congress, and Cambridge Government. In one such project, hierarchical and adaptive survey technology developed by the project was used in a survey over 1600 recipients of daily White House Electronic Publications (summary results, survey results). A wide-area collaboration system was developed and deployed in the Vice President's Open Meeting on the National Performance Review. A key component of these systems, The Common LISP Hypermedia Server, runs on all major Lisps and is freely distributed over the Internet. Working with local politicians, project members developed the first Web site for a US Senator, Senator Kennedy and an early city web site for the City of Cambridge.

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Finger Gateway
Provides one-stop service to finding people around M.I.T.
Internet RFC Index Lookup
Provides a way to search the index one-stop service for accessing Internet Engineering Task Force Requests for Comment, including some interlinking.
Mail Status Code Lookup
Provides a way to look up RFC1893 enhanced electronic mail status codes.

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Computational Linguistics
Information Infrastructure
Political Participation Project
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Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency


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