CAM-8 Collaborations

Our collaborations focus on doing new science on CAM-8---which will attract good researchers to the CA field---and on demonstrating "breakthrough applications"---applications for which there is a near-term promise that CAM-8's performance will offer a significant advantage.

We have been supporting collaborations by writing initial sample applications with researchers in collaborating groups, by developing, supporting, and modifying programming languages, utilities, and environments for their use, and by maintaining their CAM hardware for them.

Present and planned scientific and application oriented collaborations include

In addition to these collaborations, we have recently had considerable interest in practical CA modeling on CAM-8 from members of the Mechanical, Civil, and Nuclear Engineering communities at MIT, and collaborations with several groups there are likely.

We are currently looking for application-oriented collaborations in the areas of medical image processing, logic simulation and statistical mechanical simulation. In addition, we are also looking into system-software and hardware-oriented collaborations.