Whats in store for CAM8 ?

Eventually we would like to provide a rich and robust programming environment for CA simulations. Right now the CAM8 machine's OS (called STEP) is coded in Forth and uses Sun workstations as the host. Eventually we would like to allow people to program CAM8 in a number of languages and use other hardware platforms as the host. In Aug, 1995 we began putting together the Step Development Toolkit. This is a collection of programs and a library of C code that will be the basis for our CAM8 programming environment. Dan Risacher, Manoj Muzumdar, Norm Margolus and I have been upgrading current software and writing the first release of the C code library (CAMlib) for controlling CAM8. CAMlib contains all of the code neccessary to develop experiments for CAM8. Most of the procedures provide low-level control. In the upcoming months CAMlib will be expanded to include general purpose interprocess communication, data collection, visualization and analysis for CA simulations (for models running on CAM8 and other platforms), a CAM8 simulator and tools to generate data sets for CAM8 experiments (pattern files). Eventually we will develop and collect high-level applications and library code for lattice gas simulations, image processing, digital circuit simulation and other areas of interest where CA models are useful.