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This is circa 1994-1995 stuff. A set of circa 1996 pictures is also available.
A digitally edited version of my (old) military ID.
My (ex)wife Sheryl, at home, drinking KoolAid (TM)
This is where I lived when I was at MIT:
Eastgate 21H
MIT Building E55
Sheryl and I saying our vows

We went to our wedding in a really cool Bentley!
(look behind us smooching!)

Shery and I, on our Honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico.
This is my family.
In left-right order, we are:
Papa, Grandma, Dad, Mom, Sheryl, Me, my sister Kate, her husband Mark, my sister Tracy, and her then-fiancee, now-husband John.

This is us at the 1995 MIT Tri-service Military Ball.