The Leg Lab Song

Lee Campbell woke up early one morning on the way back from the set of 20th Century Fox's Rising Sun. This song just started growing inside his head and he figured that maybe if he wrote it down, it'd leave him alone.

[to the tune of "The Beverly Hillbillies"]

Come hear about the people in a lab called "leg;"
Poor academics, for funds they have to beg.
Workin' hard at M.I.T., had their robots On the Run,
When out from the Coast came a call from ILM.

Effects, that is: Spaceships, Robots, Weird lighting!

The man said "Marc, your robots are so cute;
Di-rector loves 'em; bring 'em out here for a shoot!
Maybe on location, maybe Soundstage Twenty Three;
Stuff your gear in a crate and fly out to Century!"

City that is: the Fox Hollywood lot. Gaffers, Grips,
Associate Pro-ducers!

Well the whole lab did just what the F/X man asked,
The robots were the stars; in reflected glow we basked.
But it wasn't very simple - had more than a few hitches;
Robots are Prima Donnas; in fact they're sons of bitches!

--Lee Campbell

Copyright MIT Leg Laboratory. All Rights Reserved.