MIT/ONR Legged Locomotion Workshop May 28-30, 1997
Dear Conference Participants,

    Welcome to the MIT/ONR Legged Locomotion Workshop web page.

    This page contains some useful data about the workshop, and will eventually contain all of the information we can compile including all of the presentations.

    We would like like to get power-point (or any other format) files from you to include below. We have lots of tools for converting formats, so don't worry about format - just send us the data.

    We have compiled directions and maps to the hotel and to the conference.

    The long awaited agenda is finally here. This is tentative, and we would like comments / complaints / additional information.

    Please note that the conference proper starts early on Thursday. We will be leaving for the dinner / harbor cruise directly from the conference site Thursday evening, which means you won't have a chance to go back to your hotel before dinner. The weather in Boston is very quirky this year, so it would be a good idea to bring suitable clothing for the cruise to the conference in the morning. Note that every event at this conference is informal, so put functionality above all else when packing.

    We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you Wednesday Evening!

    Best Regards,

    Gill Pratt ( (617-253-2037)
    Lisa Koszdiy ( (617-243-5977)