Recti-Blob (1995-1997)


The Recti-Blob is ...


smallblob.jpg (43669 bytes)

Above: The Recti-blob at rest. 

Below: The Recti-blob takes a step.

blwalk.jpg (63743 bytes)

Recti-Blob 2

octblob.jpg (48764 bytes)

Recti-blob II is cabaple of a wider range of joint angles than the original Recti-blob.

octblobangle.jpg (44733 bytes)



Allen, A.R. The Recti-Blob II: A Conformal Shape-changing Robot for Robust Locomotion Over Rough Terrain, MS Thesis, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1997.

Homsy, G.E., Allen, A.R., Pratt, G.A. The Recti-Blob: A conformal shape-changing robot for robust locomotion over rough terrain Unpublished as of 10/23/97


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