How does the computer track objects?

The first step in tracking objects is for the system to learn to distinguish moving objects from stationary ones and to focus its attention on the moving objects.

The next step is for the computer to make note of the location, speed, size, and shape of moving objects in each of its three cameras.

Finally, the computer must learn to recognize and track the same object as it moves out of the visual field of one camera and into the next. The computer is able to do this as long as the visual fields of the its cameras overlap at least somewhat.

Tracking examples

A primary difficulty in effectively tracking objects outdoors is dealing with the variety of conditions you will encounter. Click on any of the examples below to see the tracked objects in three contrasting conditions.

Overcast day Rainy day Sunny day

Tracking in 5 different cameras around Technology Square produces hundreds of thousands of tracked objects per day. Click on the image to the right to see a day of tracked objects in the 5 different cameras.

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