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9807-15   Self-updating Software

MIT: Barbara Liskov and Daniel Jackson
NTT: Minoru Kubota

9807-11   Multilingual Conversational Speech Research

MIT: James Glass and Stephanie Seneff
NTT: Kiyoaki Aikawa

9807-12&26   Research in Cryptography, Info Security and Algorithm Development

MIT: Shafi Goldwasser, Ronald L. Rivest and Mike Sipser
NTT: Tatsuaki Okamoto

9807-28   Variable Viewpoint Reality

MIT: Paul Viola and Eric Grimson
NTT: Ken'ichiro Ishii

9807-NTT03   Image Database Retrieval

MIT: Paul Viola
NTT: Tsutomu Horikoshi

9809-MIT01   Interactive Sculpting of Virtual 3D Materials

MIT: Julie Dorsey and Leonard McMillian
NTT: Tsutomu Horikoshi

MIT2000-10   ORNET: A Network for the Operating Room of the Future
    MIT: John V. Guttag and Hari Balakrishnan
NTT: Shuji Kubota
MIT9904-04   Malleable Architectures for Adaptive Computing
    MIT: Arvind, Larry Rudolph, and Srinivas Devadas
NTT: Hiroshi Sawada
MIT9904-05   A Framework for Automation Using Networked Information Appliances

MIT: Srinivas Devadas and Larry Rudolph
NTT: Satoshi Ono

MIT9904-09   Learning Rich, Tractable Models of the Real World

MIT: Leslie Pack Kaelbling
NTT: Shigeru Katagiri

MIT9904-10   Digital Control and Communication in Living Cells

MIT: Tom Knight and Gerry Sussman
NTT: Hitoshi Hemmi

MIT9904-14   A Synthetic-Aperture Camera Array

MIT: Leonard McMillian and Julie Dorsey
NTT: Hiroshi Murase

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