Virtual Viewpoint Reality
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Overview of VVR Meeting

Motivating Scenario

Given a number of fixed cameras…
Can we simulate any other?

A Virtual Reality Spectator Environment

Factor 1:  Window of Opportunity

Factor 2: Research

Factor 3: Research

Factor 4:  Enabling Other Applications

Factor 5:  NTT Interest and Involvement

Overview of VVR Meeting

Progress on 3D Reconstruction

Simple Technical Approach

Idea in 2D

Idea in 2D: Segment

Idea in 2D: Segment

Idea in 2D: Intersection

Coarse Shape

Real Data:  Tweety

Intersection of Frusta

Agreement provides additional information

Tomographic Reconstruction

Acquiring Multiple Images (2D)

Backprojecting Rays

Back-projection of image intensities

Volume Render...

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Overview of VVR Meeting