Progress on:  Variable Viewpoint Reality      Image Database

Overview of Presentation

VVR: Motivating Scenario

For example …

VVR Spectator Environment

Window of Opportunity

Progress at MIT

Visual Hull in 2D

Visual Hull: Segment

Visual Hull: Segment

Visual Hull: Segment

Visual Hull: Intersection

Idea in 2D: Visual Hull

Real Data:  Tweety

Intersection of Frusta

New Apparatus

Current System

Visual Hull is very coarse …

Tomographic Reconstruction

Back-projection of image intensities

Volume Render...

Poxels: An improvement to tomography

Occlusion causes disagreement

Initial agreement is not enough…

Second pass uses information about occlusion

Poxels Algorithm: Definitions

Poxels: Model of Transparency

Poxels Algorithm: Agreement (Step 1)


From ICCV paper...

… additional results

Image Databases: Motivating Scenario

But, the problem is very hard…

We have made good progress...

Search for    cars?

Complex Feature Representation

Image Database Retrieval
NTT: Visit

Overview of IDB Meeting

Motivating Scenario

There is a very wide variety of images...

Search for images containing waterfalls?

Search for

What makes IDB hard?

Overview of IDB Meeting

Complex Feature Representation

Slide 46

Slide 47

Resolution is reduced at each step…

Not every feature is useful for a query

Normalization of Signature Space

Distance/Similarity Measure

Image Database Progress at MIT

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