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Communication in the Presence of Noise and Algorithms for Error-Correction


Start date: 07/2001

Madhu Sudan

Jun Muramatsu

Project summary

This research project studies the foundations of communication in the presence of noise and investigates novel paradigms for correcting errors.

Project description


The increased reliance of information technology in day-to-day life has resulted in an explosion in the amount of data that is stored in digital media and transmitted over web. Associated with the increased amount of storage are increased expectations: One hopes to be able to transmit more information, faster, over communication channels; and store more information, cheaply and for longer periods of time, on the storage media. However, all channels introduce noise over time and corrupt the stored/transmitted information. The task of coping with errors in the new information technology era leads to new challenges and a resurgence of some of the classical ones. This research project investigates foundational questions and paradigms to address some of these challenges.

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NTT Bi-Annual Progress Report, July to December 2001:

NTT Bi-Annual Progress Report, January to June 2002:

NTT Bi-Annual Progress Report, July to December 2002:

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