The Tuesday Group

This group is a coordinating and discussion body for a number of DARPA contracts
for which Howie Shrobe is the principal investigator.
It meets in the Intelligent (meeting) Room, E21, on alternate Tuesdays.

This site acts as a resource listing and calendar for this set of projects.

Next meeting

Tuesday, 7 May 2002    12:00 noon
    - Yet more demos involving myriad Tinies
    - Kostas will talk about verification progress


Model-Based Integration of Embedded Software
Robust Engineering of Network Embedded Systems
Ongoing communications on NEST OEP
Active Trust Management for Adaptive Survivable Systems, part of DARPA Organically Assured and Survivable Information Systems (OASIS) program
Ongoing communications on OASIS
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Howie Shrobe
Brian Williams
Bob Laddaga
Doug Dodds
Greg Sullivan
Jonathan Bachrach
Kostas Arkoudas
Kalman Reti
Krzysztof Gajos
Andrew Sutherland
Seung Chung
Paul Elliott
Lorriane Fesq

Guest speakers

Radhika Nagpal
Doug De Couto

Assorted readings and material related to the discussions

Four papers (1997-99) on Amorphous Computing
Greg Sullivan's draft scenario for NEST Tiny processors
Informational pointers about Tinies
Joshua Lifton's site detailing the "pushpin computing" micro-modules (requires Javascript)
Ongoing communications on NEST OEP
The Grid Ad Hoc Mobile Networking Protocol


MIT, and the AI Lab.

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