From: "Sharp, David"
To: Subject: Boeing MoBIES OEP document releases.
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 22:57:15 -0600
Importance: high

MoBIES colleagues,

In preparation for next week's PI meeting and mid-term experiments, the
Boeing Avionics OEP group is releasing a number of important documents this
week. A significant portion of our breakout sessions will be walking through
the contents of these documents and discussing them. It is not our
expectation that all of you doing avionics experiments will have a chance to
thoroughly review these documents in advance of next week. Whatever review
you are able to perform will obviously be helpful however, and our hope is
that releasing them now will at least allow you to glance at them and have
them with you for discussion purposes.

The documents can be accessed on the Boeing MoBIES CITIS website:
under Program Information.

The first two documents are currently available:

Weapon Systems OEP Experimentation Plan (EP) version 1.0 (under the
"Experiments and Demonstrations" link)-
This document outlines our experimentation approach including
evaluation criteria.

Weapon Systems Instrumentation Interface (IIF) version 0.1 (under the
"Interfaces" link) -
This document specifies our initial draft of the interface between the
online OEP instrumentation and the modeling tools. Using the
Instrumentation Interface, portions of models can be reverse
engineered from existing application component software and run-time
measurements can be gathered and reported to modeling tools. Most of
the data reported via this interface will be forwarded on to the
analysis tools. The interface includes a meta model as done previously
for the Analysis Interchange Format (AIF) under Gabor's direction. One
of the breakout sessions will be focused on reviewing this
interface. Our goal is to collect your comments at the meeting and be
able to publish a version 1.0 interface shortly after the meeting.

The final document will be available by the end of the day on Thursday:

Weapon Systems OEP Common Experiment Document (CED) version 1.0 (under the
Experiments and Demonstrations" link)-
This document contains multiple development scenarios that will serve
a basis for tool specific experiments. A draft of this document was
reviewed at the Avionics ESWG#3 in St. Louis last October. We have
since added steps in Development Scenario 1 that illustrate our
approach to metrics collection.

Let me know if you have any problems with accessing the documents or have
any other comments.

See you next week!

-- Dave Sharp --
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