Heirarchical Classification Example#1

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Above is a binary tree which shows how the activities for the scene (shown in the upper left) have been automatically broken down. At the top of the tree is the "universal" event. Every event is shown in the corresponding template. The first break is based on direction (eastbound vs. westbound). While this may seem like an obvious break to make, it only made it because very few objects showed both eastbound and westbound characteristics. This is not the case in many scenes.

The second break (on both sides of the tree) seperates path traffic from road traffic. Further breaks break activities down into very tight clusters of activities. If you click on any of the numbers below the tree you will be able to view the activities of the corresponding leaf node in a Java 1.1 Applet.

Chris Stauffer
Last modified: Mon Mar 29 14:55:11 EST 1999