6.036 Problem Solving Paradigms

6.036 Problem Solving Paradigms

Spring 1996
Class: Tue,Thu 2pm in room 12-102; Rec: Mon,Fri 1,2,3pm in room 24-114
Prof. Carl Hewitt

6.036 addresses Participatory Infrastructures, the synergy of

Through team projects, students will develop experience using the methods, principles, and technologies of Participatory Infrastructures. Student teams will learn Participatory Semantics as they build a web site (using Java, JavaScript, ActiveX, etc.) to provide services for fellow students.

Suitable for advanced computer science students.


Partially constructed
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This page describes research done at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Support for this research was provided in part by the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the Department of Defense under contracts MDA972-95-1-0018 (North East Regional Consortium Grant) and N66001-95-C-8611 (Computer Aided Education and Training Initiative). Support for this research has also been received from IBM, which has generously donated Thinkpad pen computers, and from Microsoft, which has generously donated software.