6.863J/9.611J Natural Language Processing

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Course Prerequisites and Readings

Students should have some programming experience in a programming language such as Scheme, Lisp, C, C++, Java, and/or Perl. 6.034 is listed as a prerequisite but can be waived by permission of the instructor.

The material covered in this course is selected in such a way that at its completion you should be able to understand current papers in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP).   No background in NLP is necessary.  All lectures will be published on this page in Adobe pdf (pdf) and postscript (ps) form; the latter two are more useful for downloading and printing. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader for pdf files on your computer, you can download it from www.adobe.com

Required (available at the MIT Coop and Quantum Books):
Jurafsky, D. and Martin, J.H., Speech and Language Processing,  PrenticeHall: 2000.  ISBN: 0130950696

Recommended and Reference (on Library Reserve):
Manning, C. D. and H. Schütze: Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing. The MIT Press. 1999. ISBN 0-262-13360-1.
Barton, E., Berwick, R., & Ristad, E.. Computational Complexity and Natural Language: The MIT Press. 1987. ISBN 0-26-02266-4.
Allen, J.: Natural Language Understanding. The Benajmins/Cummings Publishing Company Inc. 1994. ISBN 0-8053-0334-0.
Brady, J & Berwick, R.: Computational Models of Discourse. The MIT Press, 1983. ISBN-0-262-02183-8.

Supplementary readings will be available as pdf files on the course website, and posted as needed.  These will mostly be in the form of background readings for the laboratory assignments.

Additional Resources
  • Proceedings of major conferences (related to Natural Language Processing):
    • ACL (Association of Computational Linguistics)
    • European Chapter of the ACL
    • COLING (International Committee of Computational Linguistics)
    • ANLP (Applied Natural Language Processing, by ACL)
    • ACL SIGDAT, SIGNLL other SIG (Special Interest Groups) Workshops, such as WVLC (Workshop on Very Large Corpora)
    • EMNLP (Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing)
    • Linguist List (for everything you always wanted to say)
    • DARPA HLT (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency Human Language Technology Workshops)

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