6.863J/9.611J Natural Language Processing

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Course Tools & Software

We shall required several natural language processing tools for the laboratories in this course.  Additionally, we shall provide additional public domain software tools and others for non-commercial use, as distributed on cd-roms provided during the first and second weeks.

We shall primarily be using Athena to run course software.  The laboratory sessions are scheduled in a dedicated Athena cluster for this purposek along with a TA to answer questions. (If you do not have an Athena account, please tell us and it shall be arranged.)  However, if all goes well, then we shall also be able to provide packaged software for you to download and use on your Linux, Mac, or Windoze machine, sufficient to run the first three laboratories in full.  We shall also provide two cd-roms to each class member that contain a wealth of valuable natural language processing software, for use in the final projects or for deeper understanding of the course material.

Watch this space for additional documentation on the software tools as it become available, within the week.

We will also be providing links to additional  natural  language processing software week by week, relevant to the topics at hand.

Laboratory 1, Word parsing:
The Xerox finite-state toolkit documentation.
The FSA utilities toolkit
JFLAP Java-based graphical,  finite-state simulator (Uses Java 1.4)
AT&T fsm toolkit

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