Problem Sets for 6.891

PS # Handed Out Due Material Covered Postscript Version Data Files Solution Files
1 Sept 8 Sept 16 Ch 1 and Ch 2.1 - 2.3 None
2 Sept 15 Sept 30 Ch 2 and Ch 3 (Not all of it!) here,ps-sol.m
3 Sept 30 October 14 Ch 4 and Ch 5 (Not all!) here,ps_sol.m
4 Oct 22 Nov 4 Several papers (see pset). here,and here,ps4ans.pdf.gz,ps4ans.m
5 Nov 5 Nov 18 Notes on Bayes nets here,ps5_sol.pdf,ps5_sol.m

A few notes on the problem sets:

  1. Problem sets will be self-graded (mostly)
  2. You will hand in the pset on Thursday. Kinh will record its presence (or absence), and glance to see if you attempted each problem.
  3. We will distribute the psets (on Friday) at random to the class. You will each grade one pset with help from a solution key. You have 6 days.
  4. Kinh will lead a 1 hour pset review session to go over correct solutions. Probably Monday afternoon.
  5. You will hand back the graded psets on Wednesday. Kinh will then grade 1 question (usually the toughest).
  6. The graded psets will be returned to you on Friday, 8 days after you turned them in.
  7. The problem sets are due in my office before I get in the next morning (at which point I will be forced to conclude it arrived after I left the night before) -- don't try to beat me in in the morning.
  8. The problem sets will be handed out before all of the material for that set has been covered. Don't wait until all of the material has been covered: start early.
  9. The problem set postscript and MATLAB files are also available in the Athena locker as well as from the ftp site (referenced through the links in the table above).
  10. The "Material Covered" column gives a rough estimate. You are responsible for anything mentioned in class up through the Friday before the problem set is due.
  11. There will be NO EXTENSIONS for problem sets. It is up to you to schedule your work so that you can get the assignments done on time.
  12. NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS will be accepted. The solutions will be handed out in class the day after the set is due. Turn in whatever you have if you have not completed it by midnight the day it is due.
  13. Turn in all of your work including programs and mathematical derivations you used.