The Olympics is an annual bit of chaos, where computer graduate students joyfully prevent each other from doing work for about a week and a half in January.

Students and faculty are divided into four teams. They compete in various events that uncover unknown, innate talents such as the ability to throw a frisbee down a hallway without tripping the fire alarm and the ability to drop a rubber ball down a narrow stairwell.

The AI Olympics has been a fixture at the AI Lab for many years. With the merger with LCS, 2004 is the first edition of the CSAIL Olympics.

While the games are mostly silly fun for the participants, it's deathly serious for the captains, as the captain from the 1st place team gets to feast on the liver of the captain of the 4th place team. No, we're just kidding. However, we do give out some good prizes to all of the captains, and the higher-ranked teams get nicer ones.

A team's final score is the sum of the normalized scores of each of the events. Each event has 100 points total, and these points are distributed based on the score of each team. In most events, the scoring is heavily weighted by participation, so the way to make your team win is to get your team members to show up by constantly pestering them by email and in person.

Past olympics can be found here

Amd more info can be found at the AI Lab student life web site here.

Please send bugs/problems/questions to the olympics commissioner