Introduction to the MIT Intramural Soccer Crib Sheet

Here is a textual Crib Sheet you can use to study up on the rules of MIT intramural soccer so you can be an informed player and referee. It is designed to print out on two sides of one sheet of paper so you can take it to the field and study it from the sidelines of a game if you like, or keep it in your pocket for security, but you should be familiar with it before you referee a game. (I suggest new referees ref with someone who has done it before.)

This crib sheet is an updated version of a crib sheet that's been handed down over the years. Please let me (and everyone else) know of any errors.

Have fun refereeing!



P.S., For those of you interested in the international FIFA soccer laws, you can read them on the WWW.
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P.P.S., In case you encounter a situation for which the laws aren't clear, here's a collection of Soccer Referee Related Links, including "ask a soccer referee" and referee email lists.

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