Known bugs and issues:

1. The opening command does not always work as expected.
There is a method to its operation, but I haven't figured out exactly what it is.


What to do if...

1. The AgencyGP button does not appear.
The plug-in must be reinstalled; see installation instructions.

2. AgencyGP complains when it starts up that the preference file cannot be read.
Go to the "Settings" page and hit "Make Current Settings Default". That ought to do it.

3. AgencyGP crashes when you run it.
Try doing a full install. If certain of the file AgencyGP needs are missing it will crash.

4. You've started a run of 1,000,000 generations and you think it will take all year.
Go down to the Windows Taskbar at the bottom of the computer screen.
Click on a blank area with the right mouse button.
Select "Task Manager".
Select the "Applications" page.
Select "Maya 3.0" with the right mouse button.
Choose "End Task".
Let it exit fully.
You've lost all your work since you last saved, but you didn't have to restart the computer.