MIT Task Force on Fraternities, Sororities,
and Independent Living Groups:
Status and Future Development



The Task Force's members include current students, recent alumni/alumnae of the MIT FSILG system, not-so-recent alumni of the system, faculty, and members of the administration.

Patrick H. Winston Co-Chair
Faculty, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
MIT, Phi Delta Theta alumnus
Stephen Immerman Co-Chair
Director of Enterprise Service
SUNY Lamba Chi Alpha alumnus
Laura Martin Staff to the Task Force
FSILG Program Assistant
University of Connecticut, Pi Beta Phi alumna
Bryan Adams MIT Graduate Student
MIT, Phi Sigma Kappa alumnus
Alicia Allen Hunt Information System, Telecommunications and Network Services
MIT, Kappa Alpha Theta alumna
Jim Bueche MIT, Chi Phi alumnus
Larry Colagiovanni MIT IFC President
Former IFC Risk Manager
Kappa Sigma
Peter Cooper MIT Director of Utilities
MIT, Phi Beta Epsilon alumnus
Laura Dean Software Engineer, Oxy
MIT, Epsilon Theta alumnus
Beth Garvin Executive Vice President and CEO of the MIT Alumni Association (July 1)
Katie O'Dair Assistant Dean for Residential Life Programs
Miami University of Oxford, Ohio, Alpha Delta Pi alumna
Christine Ortiz Panhellenic President
Founder of Truth Campaign
Alpha Phi
Josiah Seale Former MIT Undergraduate Association President
Chi Phi
Pius Uzamere MIT Undergraduate Association President
William B. Watson Faculty, Department of History
Housemaster, Baker House
D. Reid Weedon MIT, Phi Beta Epsilon alumnus