1995 Annual Lisp Users and Vendors Conference

Programming World Wide Web Applications
with the Common Lisp Hypermedia Server

John C. Mallery

Intelligent Information Infrastructure Project
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Abstract: This tutorial provides the Lisp programmer with the intellectual and software tools to create Lisp-based applications on the World Wide Web. A review of current trends by top Web developers sets the stage for an in-depth exposition of the design and usage of a freely available Common Lisp Web Server. Demonstrations of selected Web applications will be followed by consideration of commercial opportunities and future directions.

Time:8am-12noon, Wednesday, August 16, 1995
Location: Room NE43-518
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
545 Technology Square, 5th Floor
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Transportation: A shuttle bus will carry attendees from the Royal Sonesta at 7:45am to NE43-518 parking lot at Technology Square and return after the tutorial. Breakfast in a box will be provided by the conference.
WWW: http://www.ai.mit.edu/projects/iiip/doc/cl-http/home-page.html

  1. Introduction & Overview [8:00-8:15]
  2. Overview Major World Wide Web Standards and Trends [8:15-8:45]
  3. Architecture of the Common Lisp Hypermedia Server (CL-HTTP) [8:45-9:15]
  4. Break [9:15-9:25]

  5. Generating Web Pages from Common Lisp [9:25-10:00]
  6. Advanced Facilities [10:00-10:20]
  7. Break [10:20-10:30]

  8. Review of Web Applications Using CL-HTTP [10:30-11:30]
  9. Commercial Web Applications [11:30-11:45]
  10. Kalman Reti
    Cambridge Research Laboratory
    Apple Computer, Inc.

  11. Future Directions for CL-HTTP [11:45-12:00]

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