Legged Locomotion Puns

Michael Branicky ran across a lot of those puns. He gets a kick out of them. It might be more fun to find them step by step, than all run together like this, so we're giving you the chance walk away ...

The following list is staggering. You might run across some repeats; others are so weak they probably don't stand a chance; some are downright lame.


From an Imagination Run Wild

run along now
runnning on ice
running out of x
stand firm
stand by your story
make a stand
galloping gourmet
don't tread on me
run-on sentence
run-down building
skip a class
Should it be skipped
put your best foot forward
keeps you on your toes
balance your checkbook
having one foot in the grave
a foot in the door
just a hop, skip, and a jump away
stand out
step out
run amuck
Achille's heel
run headlong
foot the bill
take the first step
set on foot
walking on a thin line
treading on thin ice
put your foot down
something's afoot
run into
run across
stumble on (upon, into)
that doesn't stand a chance
take a hike
take a long walk off a short pier
head over heels
in the long run ...
from head to foot
from head to toe
keep in step
in step with fashion
trample under foot
we had a little run-in
he took it in stride
it just ran away (went out of control)
we run a risk
we might run into danger
we might have to make a run for it
try to make a run of it
i'm standing on a volcano
kick the bucket
he just walked out on them
stand clear of x
i stand aloof
i'm still standing
jump for joy
jump the gun
get a jump on
don't sidestep the issue
he's always a step ahead of me
kicked out
don't let x walk all over you
run for your money
up and running
on even footing
swept her off her feet
stand up and be counted
down trodden
stand and deliver
i stand corrected
cheer in your step
walk on (i.e., in sports)
walk out (i.e., strike)
stand up for someone (something you believe in)
running in circles
run for the roses
on the run
run up the score
walking on glass
run in with the law
run him in
a leg up one the competition
keep them underfoot
walk away from the problem
receive a kick back
walk on water
sidestep the issue
stop dragging your feet
footloose (and fancy free)
stand on your own two feet
put my foot in my mouth
stand your ground
stand off
don't break step
you're out of step
walk off with x
walk the plank
trot it out for you to see
fancy footwork

From the Thesaurus

kick up your heels
take a decisive step
walk of life
ran its race
giant's stride
just wait until its run its course
we're ready to kick off
win in a walk
walk over the course
stand to your guns
stand the gaff
toe the mark
step into money
miss your footing
lose your balance
stand in front
kick in (e.g., for a tip)
step on it
shake a leg
set foot on
run mad
at one jump
take one's stand
knee-deep in blood
hop, skip, and a jump
foot it
jump in the lake
leap in the dark
look before you leap
which way the cat jumps
from top to toe
alive and kicking
knee high
walk down the aisle
jump to conclusions
but a step
let the grass grow under your feet
give one the boot
give one one's walking papers
make a stand against
run counter to
make the blood run cold
walking on air
take (appropriate) steps
make rapid (or great) strides
a run of luck
run down (a criminal, a lead)
retrace your steps
bend the knee to
laid by the heels
land on your feet
walk on sure ground
stand in the background
crush under an iron heel
slacken your pace
at the feet of
stand for x
step into OR stand in the shoes of
win in a walk
set the pace
score standing up
run hard
keep on foot
kick around (an idea)
tread a path
put one's foot in it
run one's head into (against) a stone wall
by leaps and bounds
step on the gas
march in double time
as fast as one's legs will carry one
cut and run
step along
step lively
in seven league boots
foot race
run the eye over

Unvarnished Puns (Let These Fall as They May)

fall short
fall from grace
let fall
fall to one's lot
fall for someone
fall back
fall to
fall to work
fall into a trap
fall back upon
i can't stand it
this list is on its last legs
i must stop running on like this
i'm staggering
i've run out of gas
i've run out of steam
i've run out of puns (at least at this step of the game)

Marc's Knee-Slapping List

On its last legs
take it lying down
are these jokes too lame
step on someones toes
he got cold feet
feet of clay
stepping stones
stand on your own feet
Does it stand on its own?
the shoe is on the other foot.
stuck in the mud
pussyfoot around
shoot yourself in the foot
jump in with both feet
put your foot in your mouth
stumble onto something
shake a leg
put it in the running
walked right into that one
wait for the other foot to drop
Take appropriate steps
stop side-stepping the issue
long-standing x
tread lightly on that topic
I've got to run now
kick the habit
you don't have a leg to stand on
get a kick out of it
overcome obstacle
making progress by leaps and bounds
making great strides forward
gotten a toehold
a leg up
foot dragging
footage (film or video of something with feet)

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