Natural Tasking of Robots Based on Human Interaction Cues

MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
The Stata Center
32 Vassar Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

PI: Rodney A. Brooks

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Cog turns a crank
M4 robot head drawing
Kismet plays with a frog
Coco the gorilla robot

Research Questions

In trying to use imitation and social interaction techniques for human-robot communication and for tasking robots in the field, there arise at least six deep and difficult questions, each of which has many technical components which form the topics on which we propose working.

  • Knowing what aspects of behavior to imitate.
  • Mapping from one body to another.
  • Implementing corrective actions and recognizing success.
  • Chaining pieces of action together into larger tasks.
  • Generalizing imitated actions to different and more complex tasks.
  • Making the interactions intuitive for the human.

The chart below displays examples of using the principles of social interaction, development, embodiment and system integration to address the six major research questions we have identified.

research questions image

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[Project Overview], [Approach], [Research Questions], [Achieved Deliverables], [Future Deliverables], [People], [Publications]