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Current Projects

9807-04   Cricket: A Location-Support System for Pervasive Mobile Computing

MIT: Hari Balakrishnan and John V. Guttag
NTT: Minoru Katayama and Minoru Kubota

MIT2000-02   The Recognition of Material Properties for Vision and Video Communication

MIT: Ted Adelson
NTT: Shin'ya Nishida

MIT2000-05   A Multi-Cue Vision Person Tracking Module

MIT: Trevor Darrell and Eric Grimson
NTT: Hiroshi Murase

MIT2000-06   CarNet: A Scalable Wireless Network Infrastructure

MIT: Robert Morris and Frans Kaashoek
NTT: Noriaki Yoshikai

MIT2000-08   Adaptive Information Filtering with Minimal Instruction

MIT: Tommi Jaakkola and Tomaso Poggio
NTT: Naonori Ueda

MIT2001-01   Dynamic Invariant Detection for Program Understanding and Reliability

MIT: Michael Ernst
NTT: Tadashi Araragi

MIT2001-04   Communication in the Presence of Noise and Algorithms for Error-Correction

MIT: Madhu Sudan
NTT: Jun Muramatsu

MIT2001-05   Research and Development of Multi-Lingual and Multi-Modal Conversational Interfaces

MIT: James Glass and Stephanie Seneff
NTT: Kiyoaki Aikawa and Mikio Nakano

MIT2001-06   Research in Algorithms for Geometric Pattern Matching

MIT: Piotr Indyk
NTT: Kiyoshi Shirayanagi

MIT2001-07   Example-Based Image Synthesis
    MIT: William T. Freeman
NTT: Akira Onozawa
MIT2001-08   Model Reduction for Human and Animal Locomotion
    MIT: Jovan Popovic
NTT: Satoshi Iwaki
MIT2001-09   Monitoring Network Routing Traffic with Low Space
    MIT: Erik D. Demaine
NTT: Hisaki Oohara
MIT2002-01   Theory and Application of Concept Learning
    MIT: Joshua Tennenbaum
NTT: Naonori Ueda
MIT2002-02   Software Upgrades in Distributed Systems

MIT: Barbara Liskov
NTT: Tadashi Araragi

MIT9904-08   Haystack: Per-User Information Environments
    MIT: David Karger
NTT: Kazuhiro Kuwabara
MIT9904-12   Cooperative Computing in Dynamic Environments

MIT: Nancy Lynch and Idit Keidar
NTT: Yoshifumi Manabe

MIT9904-15   Adaptive Man-Machine Interfaces

MIT: Tomaso Poggio
NTT: Norihiro Hagita

MIT9904-20   High Resolution Mapping and Modeling of Multi-Floor Architectural Interiors

MIT: Seth Teller
NTT: Takayuki Yasuno

NTT9904-01   Human-Robot Dynamic Social Interaction

MIT: Rodney Brooks
NTT: Kiyoshi Kogure

NEW PROJECTS:   Machine Learning Algorithms for Natural Language Processing and Information Extraction

MIT: Michael Collins
NTT: Naonori Ueda

    Model Simplification for Real-Time Rendering
    MIT: Fredo Durand
NTT: Takayuki Yasuno
    A P2P Storage System Based on Erasur Codes

MIT: Dina Katabi
NTT: Noriaki Yoshikai

    Human-Centered Location and Navigation
    MIT: Robert Miller
NTT: Minoru Katayama and Minoru Kubota

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