Re: ATLAST(=Forth) vs. Java (vs ????)

At 2:51 PM 9/18/95 on www-vrml@wired.com, Vassilis Bourdakis wrote:
>At 08:56 18/09/95 -0400, Gavin Nicol wrote:
>>This ATLAST discussion is interesting. Just to correct Marc. HotJava
>>is the *browser* Java is the language, and "The Java VM" is the
>>virtual machine.
>>How about LISP as a language (specifically scheme). It's small, fast,
>>and properly tail recursive ;-)

I have been using Common LISP for various www applications for more than a
year, and find it clearly to be the language of choice for this purpose. I
would be happy to team up to get some discussion as to how we can use LISP
to serve the features of Java and for behaviours in VRML. The
www-cl@ai.mit.edu mailing list might also be an appropriate location for
such a discussion.

I am also interested in getting in contact with others that are using LISP
(or consider to be using LISP) in the context of VRML.

-- Terje <Norderhaug.CHI@Xerox.com>