16.412J/6.834J Intelligent Embedded Systems


Student Feedback

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Muddy card comments:

As of M Oct 7 lecture:

Comments about lectures:

*Lectures move too slowly

*Need to improve on explanation of the advantages/disadvantages of the different approaches

*Need discussion on what needs to be improved and how to approach POP if willing to improve current algorithms

*Good coverage of partial planning

*Liked examples of algorithms execution

*Liked the papers; the AIMA new chapter were excellent!

*Liked the real-life applications

Comments about problem sets:

Problem Set#2:

*Problem set was too long & with too much meaningless grant work

*Hated the manual simulation in problems #1 & 2. (Work was tedious and didn't really further understanding because the problems were more complex than the stylized example presented in lecture.)

*Computer simulation problems were good, esp. #4

Logistical Comments:

*Need a class schedule that maps out the entire semester

*Lectures tend to run over time

As of W Oct 2 lecture:

Comments about lectures:

*How different are the failure detection schemes presented from Kalman filters?

*There are a lot of names with regard to space missions--it would be nice to know them all, briefly, before talking about any one in depth.

*The last 15 min. on the plan-execute-monitor loop was rushed and I had trouble following.

*Good interactive discussion of Graph Plan.

*If possible, can you provide the informal search methods chapter from the new AIMA?

*Termination of Graphp Plan was not clear.

*Elaborate more on abstraction level of planning.

*Please elaborate more on prop. logic.

Logistical comments:

*Printed slides are hard to read--colors don't show well and slides with small changes don't show up.

*The red colored text is almost impossible for me to read.


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