16.412 - 6.898 Intelligent Embedded Systems


Required Readings for Lectures

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The following list contains readings assigned up to the most recent lecture, plus a tentative reading list for future lectures.  Note that future readings are only suggestive, and may change up to the time of the lecture.

Note: AIMA is short for the course text, “Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach,” by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig.


W Sept 4: Introduction to Autonomous Explorers

 No Reading

M Sept 9: Autonomous Large-Scale Mapping

 AIMA Chapters 1, 2

  "Explore and Return: Experimental Validation of Real Time Concurrent Mapping and Localization,"
P. Newman, J. Leonard, MIT Marine Robotics Laboratory Technical Memorandum 01-3 (2001)

W Sept 11: Immobile Robots and Space Explorers

 "Immobile Robots: AI in the New Millenium"
B. Williams, P. Nayak, AI Magazine Fall 1996

 "Remote Agent: To Boldly Go Where No AI System Has Gone Before"
N. Muscettola, P. Nayak, B. Pell, B. Williams, Artificial Intelligence 103 (1998) pgs. 5 - 47 Elsevier

M Sept 16 & W Sept 18: Partial Order Planning

Chapter 11 - Partial Order Planning
Chapter 13 - Execution and Conditional Planning

  "Introduction to Least Commitment Planning"

D. Weld, AI Magazine, Winter, 1994

W Sept 25:

 "The FF Planning System: Fast Plan Generation Through Heuristic Search"

J. Hoffman & B. Nebel, Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research 14 (2001) 253-302

"Fast Planning Through Graph Analysis"

A. Blum & M. Furst, Artificial Intelligence 90: 281-300, 1997

"Planning as Heuristic Search"

B. Bonet & H. Geffner

M Sept 30:

Chapter 13 - Execution and Conditional Planning

W Oct 2:

Chapter 5 - Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Chapter 7 - Logical Agents

M Oct 7:

 "Generating Hard Satisfiability Problems"

B. Selman, D. Mitchell, and H. Levesque, Artificial Intelligence 81 (1996): 17-29.

 "Finding Hard Instances of the Satisfiability Problem: A Survey"

S. Cook and D. Mitchell, DIMACS Series in Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (1997).

W Oct 9:

 "Model-based Reasoning: Troubleshooting"

R. Davis and W. Hamscher

 "Conflict-directed A* and Its Role in Model-based Embedded Systems"

B. Williams and R. Ragno, Journal of Discrete Applied Math (2001).

M Oct 14:

 "Diagnosing Multiple Faults"

J. de Kleer and B. Williams, originally published in Artificial Intelligence 32 (1987) 97-130.

M Oct 21:

 "A Model-based Approach to Reactive Self-Configuring Systems"

B. Williams and P. Nayak

 AIMA (2nd edition-new)
Chapter 13-Uncertainty
Chapter 17 -Making Complex Decisions

Chapter 20-Statistical Learning

W Oct 23:

 "Reinforcement Learning: A Survey"

L. Kaelbling and M. Littman, Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research 4 (1996) 237-285.

 "Planning Under Time Constraints in Stochastic Domains"

T. Dean, L. Kaelbling, J. Kirman, and A. Nicholson

W Oct 30:

 "Fast Context Switching in Real-time Propositional Reasoning"

P. Nayak and B. Williams, Proceedings of AAAI (1997).

 "Unifying SAT-based and Graph-based Planning"

H. Kautz and B. Selman, IJCAI (1999).

M Nov 4:

 "Managing Multiple Tasks in Complex, Dynamic Environments"

M. Freed, Proceedings of the 1998 National Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

 "Executing Reactive, Model-Based Programs through Graph-Based Temporal Planning"

P. Kim, B. Williams, and M. Abramson, Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2001.

W Nov 6:

 "A Market Approach to Multirobot Coordination"

M. B. Dias and A. Stentz, (2001).

 "Multi-Robot Exploration Controlled by a Market Economy"

R. Zlot, A. Stentz, M. Dias, and S. Thayer, IEEE (2002).

W Nov 13:

 "A Computationally Efficient Method for Large-Scale Concurrent Mapping and Localization"

J. Leonard and H. Feder, Robotics Research: the Ninth International Symposium (2000).

 "A Real-Time Algorithm for Mobile Robot Mapping with Applications to Multi-Robot and 3D Mapping"

S. Thrun, W. Burgard, and D. Fox, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (2002).

M Dec 2:

 "Bridging the Gap Between Planning and Scheduling"

D. Smith, J. Frank, and A. Jonsson, NASA Ames Research Center (1999).

 "Temporal Constraint Networks"

R. Dechter, I. Meiri, and J. Pearl, Artificial Intelligence (1991).

 "Reformulating Temporal Plans for Efficient Execution"

N. Muscettola, P. Morris, and I. Tsamardinos

W Dec 4:

 "A Reactive Planner for a Model-based Executive"

D. Smith, J. Frank, and A. Jonsson, NASA Ames Research Center (1999)..

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