16.412J - 6.834J Intelligent Embedded Systems 

Preliminary Schedule and Posted Lectures

MW 11:00 – 12:30 in 33-418


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Lecture notes hyperlinked to lecture title on date given.

Problem set hyperlinked to problem set name on date out.

 W Sept 4:       Introduction to Autonomous Explorers                

 M Sept 9:        Autonomous Large-Scale Mapping    

 W Sept 11:      Immobile Robots and Space Explorers
Problem Set 1 Out, due in class Wednesday, Sept 18

M Sept 16:      Partial Order Planning

W Sept 18:      Partial Order Plan Execution
Problem Set 1 due in class, Problem Set 2 Out due in class Monday, Oct 7

M Sept 23:       Student Holiday

W Sept 25:      Plan Graphs

M Sept 30:      Graph-based Planning

W Oct 2:       Planning as Heuristic Forward Search

M Oct 7:        Propositional Logic and Satisfiability
Problem Set 2 due in class

W Oct 9:        Model-based Diagnosis and Active Probing
Problem Set 3 Out, due in class Wednesday, Oct 23 

M Oct 14:     Columbus Day

W Oct 16:      Multiple Fault Diagnosis and Conflict-directed A*

M Oct 21:      Tracking State: Combining Hidden Markov Models & Logic

W Oct 23:     Decision Theoretic Planning & Markov Decision Processes
Problem Set 3 due in class, Problem Set 4 Out
Solutions to Problem Set 2 available

M Oct 28:      Reinforcement Learning

W Oct 30:      Fast SAT and Planning as Propositional Satisfiability
Tips for Oral presentations and Advanced Lecture Materials out, due in class Wed, Nov 13 

M Nov 4:      Advanced methods: Student Presentations
Temporal Planning with Resource Allocation
Stefanie C. Chiou, Robert Kochman, and Gary Look

W Nov 6:     Advanced methods: Student Presentations
Market-based Multi-robot Coordination
Austin Wang, Gabe Reinstein


M Nov 11:    Veteran's Day Holiday

W Nov 13:    Advanced methods: Student Presentations
Robotic Mapping
Itamar Kahn, Thomas Lin, and Yuval Mazor

Problem Set 4 due in class

W Nov 20:    Finite Capacity Scheduling

M Nov 25:    Finite Capacity Scheduling (cont.)
Handling Time: Constraint-based Interval Planning

Temporal Planning, Scheduling, and Execution

W Nov 27:    TBD

M Dec 2:      Temporal Plan Execution: Dynamic Scheduling and Simple Temporal Networks
Problem Set 3 Solutions out

W Dec 4:     A Factored Approach to Model-based Reactive Planning in Large State Spaces
Kinodynamic Path Planning slides

Kinodynamic Path Planning Abstract and References

M Dec 9:     Projects: short student presentations
Problem Set 4 Solutions out

W Dec 11:    Final project reports due by end of the day



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