6.891 Machine Learning


Solutions have been removed.

Solutions Due Date
Homework 1 postscript PDF postscript PDF 9/21/00
Homework 2 postscript 10/12/00 Clarifications
Homework 3 postscript PDF 11/2/00 Clarifications
Homework 4 postscript PDF 12/5/00 Clarifications

Some homework materials will be distributed via the athena 6.891 course locker. You can access this by running "add 6.891" from your athena command prompt and then changing directories to /mit/6.891. You can also access the homework materials by clicking the "Homework N" link above.

Collaboration Policy

Collaboration is encouraged while solving problems, however you must write your own solution to every problem. Please list your collaborators on every homework that you turn in. Copying will not be tolerated.


We will be holding one mid-term and one final.

The mid-term was held during class, Thursday, October 26th.

The final was during class, Thursday, December 7th.

Solutions Date
Mid-term postscript PDF postscript PDF 10/26/00
Final postscript PDF 12/7/00


Each student will be responsible for a project of their own selection (subject to approval). Projects will be due Wednesday, December 13th at 1pm (beginning of the last recitation).

The project assignment is available as postscript and PDF.


Your final grade will be determined from
  • Problem sets (30%)
  • Final project (25%)
  • Mid-term (15%)
  • Final (30%)
  • The percentages are approximate and may be changed at our discretion.