Release Schedule

Currently the Metaglue system is still in development. A beta release is currently available for download. The first full release of the system has been planned for Fall 2002. There may be updates or more beta releases between these two dates.

Current beta version:
Released February 27, 2002

  • Metaglue system architecture
  • Metaglue agent testing & development features
  • Device controls for lights, drapes, projectors and projection screens
  • Basic speech interface
  • PowerPoint presentation control
  • START system interaction. This allows you to ask information questions to the computer.
  • SAM, the prototype for an emotional, responsive user interface
  • Metaglue launcher, for starting and querying the status of agents
  • MultiModal Asker. This adds easier functions for asking the user interactive questions.
  • NewsWall, a news bulletin board.

Future Release version:
Tentative release date in Fall 2002
Contents not set.
Updated material from the beta versions and new material.