6.894 Object-Oriented Dynamic Languages, Spring 2001

Location: 26-322 map

EECS Course Description


Athena for Windows
Winzip file
Athena for Unix
tar archive

Outline (Schedule) (PDF), (PS)

Syllabus (PDF), (PS)


Overview(Feb. 6, JB)
Slides (Powerpoint)
Readings (PDF), Readings (PS).
Overview(Feb. 8, GS)
Slides (Powerpoint)
Readings (PDF), Readings (PS).
Intro. to Types & Objects(Feb. 13, GS)
From OODL Interpreters to VM's and Beyond (Feb. 15, JB)
Slides (Powerpoint)
Readings (PDF), Readings (PS).
OODL Runtime Optimizations: Dispatch (Mar. 1, JB)
Slides (Powerpoint)
OODL Runtime Optimizations Part II (Mar. 6, JB)
Slides (Powerpoint)
Reflection and Meta-object Protocols (Mar. 8, GS)
Slides (Postscript)
Automatic Memory Management (Mar. 13, PTW)
At Tucker Withington's site
Hindley-Milner Type Inference with Athena (Mar. 22, Apr. 3, KA)
Additional reading: Certified Computation (PS)
Partial Evaluation (Apr. 5, GS)
Lecture Notes (Postscript).
Macros (Apr. 10, JB)
Slides (Powerpoint).
Compiler Optimizations (Apr. 12, JB)
Slides (Powerpoint).
Proto Introduction (Apr. 15, JB)
Slides (Powerpoint).
Proto Implementation (May. 15, JB)
Slides (Powerpoint).
Incremental Compilation (May. 17, JB)
Slides (Powerpoint).
Bootstrapping (May. 17, JB)
Slides (Powerpoint).

A powerpoint viewer for Windows can be found here. Let us know if you need another way of viewing the lectures.


All assignments are due by the start of the class on the due date.

Assignment 1, due Thursday, Feb. 8
(PDF), (PS).
Assignment 2, due Thursday, Feb. 22
Assignment 3, Due Thursday, Mar. 1
Assignment 4, Due Tuesday, April 10
You will need a distribution of Athena, either Athena for Win32 or Athena for Unix. You will also need the code for the assignment, unless you want to type it in from the lecture notes.

In Preparation

  1. Projects (PDF), (PS).