About the MIT Leg Lab Robots

Researchers at the Leg Laboratory have built a series of legged robots, including one-legged hoppers, biped runners, a springy biped walker, a quadruped, and two kangaroo-like robots. Taken collectively, these machines traverse simple paths, run with several different gaits, run fast (13 mph), walk using springy legs, jump over obstacles, climb a simplified stairway, and perform rudimentary gymnastic maneuvers. Although no one machine performs all these tasks, many of the machines use a common set of balance and control principles. The Leg Laboratory also uses physics-based computer simulations to study legged locomotion and to build automated computer characters.

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  • Leg Laboratory Mission Page Who we are and what we do.
  • Leg Laboratory Publicity Guidelines Some guidelines we use when dealing with reporters, photographers, and other people who want to talk about us and our work..
  • Leg Laboratory HistoryA chronological guide to developments in the Leg Laboratory from 1980 to present.
  • Here's the Leg Lab Song. (OK, so we need a newer one!)
  • About (Artificial) Legged Locomotion

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