New Announcements:

 The problem set distributed in class was missing a page. My apologies for any inconvenience. The complete problem set can be found in pdf format by following this link:

Problem Set 1.


 Descriptions of the final project and suggested readings for final projects are now posted on this web site.

 I would appreciate two page final project descriptions before Spring vacation, so that I can give you prompt feedback and you can get going on the project. I will accept the descriptions up to the Wednesday after Spring vacation, which is March 29th.

 The course mailing list is If you would like to be added to this list please send email to

 Monday, Feb. 21st is a holiday, lecture is shifted to Tuesday!

 Tuesday, Feb 22nd, lecture is with embodied intelligent in 2-190.

 Wednesday, Feb 23rd, lecture is in 1-135, by Leslie Kaebling.

 Lecture slides have been posted for most past lectures.

 Readings to date have been posted, when electronically available. Additional readings may be made available for Rob Brook's subsumption architecture.

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