Project Instructions and Suggestions*



A 1-2 page proposal will be due in class on the Wednesday after spring break (March 29th), or to the course secretary, Peggy Edwards, at rm 37-367 by the end of March 29th. I would encourage you to give me the description before Spring break, in which case I'll give you prompt feedback so you can begin progress on your project immediately. Please give me your description in class, drop it off with Peggy Edwards, or drop it in the slot outside my door at 37-381.

A schedule for project presentations is to be determined. Students doing projects should come together outside of normal class hours to debug their presentations.

Additional Readings

A list of additional readings has been added to the web pages that goes beyond those papers associated with the course lectures. This list of readings was recommend by top researchers in autonomous systems, planning and scheduling, propositional reasoning and search, constraint and reactive programming, Bayesian inference, model-based reasoning, hybrid systems.and formal verification.

Types of Projects

Projects can be, but are not limited to, any of the following types:

* This description draws extensively from a similar description by Professor Patrick Winston, which he uses for his excellent graduate AI course.

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