Feb 2: B. Williams, Autonomous Space Explorers

 Remote Agent: to boldy go where no AI system has gone before,
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Feb 7, 9: R. Brooks, Subsumption architecture

Feb 14: E. Feron, Aerial Robotics

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Feb 16: T. Lozano-Perez, Path Planning and Robotics

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 Path planning using lazy PRM,
R. Bohlin and L. Kavraki, to appear in ICRA 2000.

Feb 22: R. Brooks, Subsumption architecture 3

Feb 23: L. Kaebling, Markov decision processes (MDPs)

Feb 28: L. Kaebling, Reinforcement learning (RL)

Mar 01: L. Kaebling, Partially observable MDPs

 Reinforcement learning: a survey,
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Mar 6, 8: B. Williams, Model-based diagnosis and active probing

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Mar 13: M. Veloso, Layered Learning

 Layered learning. P. Stone and M. Veloso.

Mar 15: M. Veloso, Complexities of Building Multi-Robot Systems:Robocup

Mar 20, 22: Spring Vacation

Mar 27, 29: M. Veloso, Classical Planning: Acting in Known Environments

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Apr 3, 5: M. Veloso, Planning, execution, and learning

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Apr 10, 12: M. Veloso, Multiagent planning, execution & learning: robot teams

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Peter Stone and Manuela Veloso. Autonomous Robots, 2000, to appear.

 The CMUnited-98 Champion Small Robot Team,
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Apr 14,19: B. Williams, Model-based execution: self-repairing explorers

Apr 24, 26: B. Williams, Planning and execution over time: self-directed explorers

May 1, 3: B. Williams, Probabilistic monitoring

May 8: B. Williams, Decision-theoretic planning and execution

May 10: B. Williams, Wrapup

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