16.412J/6.834J Intelligent Embedded Systems




New Announcements:

*  Computer facilities in Room 33-202 are now available to students of this course.
See the course home page for details.

*  Problem Set 2 Out, due in class Wednesday, Oct. 2

*  TA office hours are Tues. 10 AM - 12 AM.

*  Planning software for problem set 2 is available on the Course Software page.

Old Announcements:

*  Problem Set 1 Out, due in class Wednesday, Sept 18th

*  The course mailing lists are now on line and are 16.412J-students@mit.edu and 6.834J-students@mit.edu. If you would like to be added to this list please send email to myoon@mit.edu.

* The textbook is “Artificial Intelligence:  A Modern Approach,” by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig.  You may purchase this at the Coop.

* If you are registering for this course and did not attend the first day, then please fill out the form here, and turn it in to me at class.  Also note that the following logistics handout was distributed on the first day.  Please read this so that you are familiar with the requirements and assignments of this course.

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