AI/LCS IM Soccer: Cold Booters

We are a fun loving group of men and women of varying abilities and experience who like to play soccer. We have occasional informal scrimages and play in the Fall Intramural Season. This year (Fall 2001) we will be playing in the B league. It should be a good league to accomodate most everyone. The official description says that B league is slightly competitive and requires basic skill which translates to "Don't worry about it, lets play some soccer".

If you are interested in playing soccer but not in playing on the IM team send mail to the captain anyway and they can get you on the soccer-non mailing list to receive email about non-IM releated soccer stuff.

Current Season Info

League: B
Captain: Mike Oltmans

Day Date Time Place Opponent Result
Schedule still pending
Summary: Record (W-L-T):0-0-0

There is also info about the league (schedule, standings, etc...) on the MIT IM page.

Misc. Info

See how we fared in previous years.

Need a refresher on soccer rules? Try our MIT intramural soccer crib sheet, or the IM Rulesheet, or the international FIFA soccer laws.

Feeling a desire to capture your soccer intelligences? Build robots (or simulations) to take your place...they could even make it to the World (Robo)Cup championships! (Papers on, and source code from, two of RoboCup98's champions are available from CMUnited's pages.) (Candidate for AI Olympics technical sport?)

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