Future Work
Topics of Interest to the Group

As Coco becomes a fully functioning creature, some of the topics we hope to investigate will be the following:

  • Biologically based models of emotions.
  • Use of accepted experimental methodologies to compare a robot with biologically based models of emotion to lab animals.
  • Use of a developmental progression to aid some types of learning.
  • How to use Coco's body and walking style to make Coco more expressive when interacting with people.
  • Acquire a better understanding of how a robot can engage in intelligent and enjoyable social interactions with people.
  • Compact series elastic actuators for improved force control
  • Learning limb dynamics in order to achieve robust and flexible motion control of the limbs,
  • Learning hand-eye coordination.
  • Awareness of Coco's own body.
  • Advanced mappings between Coco and other creatures, including humans, as tools to aid learning, empathy and communication.
  • Autonomous investigation of the environment as a method of learning common sense.
  • A medial axis methods for machine vision.

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