People Working on Coco
Rodney Brooks


I am the director of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab, the founder of the humanoid robotics group, and the thesis advisor to all the grad students working on these projects. When I was less bureaucratically involved I did research of my own. Now I cheer on my students. My burning question is what is it that lets matter transcend itself to become living.


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Charlie Kemp

Graduate Student

I am interested in harnessing large amounts of computation for advanced brain architectures. After the infrastructure for Coco's brain is sufficiently together, he will be excited to explore many of the topics listed in the future work on Coco section.


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Chris Morse

Graduate Student

I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate student. My research interests are robot design and actuation. I am a member of the Coco team and am responsible for Coco's mechanical design, construction, and maintenance.


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Naoki Sadakuni

Visiting Scientist

I am interested in making robots that interact with people in an enjoyable way. I am exploring walking styles and motor control as techniques for enhancing these interactions and believe that robot autonomy is essential for rewarding robot-human relationships.


Eduardo Torres-Jara

Graduate Student

I am interested in understanding Human Motor Control in order to apply it to Humanoid Robots. Currently, I am working on implementing low-level Motor Control in the robot Coco, using force control. Additionally, I am interested in the sensory systems, which include sound, vision and force.


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Juan Velasquez

Graduate Student

I am interested in understanding affect from a computational perspective. Drawing inspiration from work in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Ethology, I have been developing control architectures for some of our robots that rely on the use of computational models of affective processes to integrate and coordinate other models and systems that mediate perception, motivation, attention, behavior selection, learning, and motor control.


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