Physical Description of the Robot
Coco is a fifteen DOF quadruped with gorilla-like proportions. It has broad shoulders, short legs and long arms. Each hind leg has two DOF, one at the hip and another at the knee. The front limbs each have three DOF, two in the shoulder and one at the elbow. The head has an additional five DOF. A pitch axis is located at the base of the neck followed by a yaw axis. Right behind the center of the two color board-cameras that serve as Coco's eyes sits a roll axis. The cameras are then gimbaled on pitch and yaw axes.

coco top view

Below is a listing of some of Coco's dimensions:

  • Dimension Value (mm)
  • Length of head 165
  • Width of head 140
  • Left shoulder Y axis to right shoulder Y axis 252
  • Shoulder Y axis to shoulder X axis 58
  • Hip to hip 269
  • Hip to shoulder 292
  • Forearm 156
  • Upper arm 154
  • Upper leg 65
  • Lower leg 45

Coco weighs 9.1 Kg. Coco's carbon fiber body houses the shoulder, hip, and knee motors; the motor control DSPs; motor power amplifiers; and other electronics for Coco's sensors. A high-speed serial cable connects Coco to the bank of computers that control it. For more detailed information see "Design of a Quadruped Robot for Social Interaction" CLAWAR 2000, Madrid Spain.


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