Head Designs
M4 Head

Weight:3.427lbs (~1.5Kg)
 ~18cm height
Distance between the eyes ~ 3.5 in
Seven degrees of freedom (4 in the neck, three for the eyes)
Two eyes, two cameras at each eye

Diferent Views (the goal was the resemblance of a dog’s head):

dog head 1 dog head 2dog head 3dog head 4

dog head 5dog head 6dog head 7

Without ears (the only extra feature added – all the other structures are functional structures or elements):

dog without ears

By changing only the design of one piece, and offset angles of the joints, the robot may resemble other animals (like a horse):

horse 1 horse 2 horse 3 horse 4

I am working right now on the resemblance to an ape, because the current design (below) is not a very good approximation:


Head with a slight resemblance to a duck (left) and a cow (right)???:

duck cow

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