People Working on Macaco (M4)
Artur Arsenio

Graduate Student

I dream of building a robotic creature that will exhibit high cognitive capabilities comparable to a human being. Currently, I am concentrating my efforts on perception, especially robotic vision, as well as on motor control, for which I developed a mathematical framework for tuning networks of neural oscillators for the control of rhythmic motions. I have been building the M4 mechanical head, as well as both the hardware and software architectures for this dog's robotic head.


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Rodney Brooks


I am the director of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab, the founder of the humanoid robotics group, and the thesis advisor to all the grad students working on these projects. When I was less bureaucratically involved I did research of my own. Now I cheer on my students. My burning question is what is it that lets matter transcend itself to become living.


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