Design of the M4 Head (dog)
The M4 project - Macaco - consists of the development of an biologically inspired animal (it will resemble first a dog, and at latter stages of development a monkey). This four-legged biologically inspired robot will have some degree of intelligence, using an active vision head to percept the environment so that different robot behaviors emerge depending on its surroundings. The Leg Laboratory (led by Gill Pratt) at the Artificial Intelligence Lab - MIT - is developing the legs, that will allow walking and running capabilities. Rodney Brooks' team, the Humanoid Robotics Group, is developing an active vision head with four video cameras (two at each eye), and 6 D.O.F. Currently, the Leg Lab group has already built half of the body, and the design of the head (which resembles a dog) is already completed.
Kinematic Cartoon of the M4 Robot
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