Course Description

6.894 SPECIAL SUBJECT (3-0-9)
Legged Locomotion in Robots and Animals (H-Level Grad)

Tuesday 2-5pm, NE43-941

Gill Pratt  x3-2037
Jerry Pratt  x3-2475

Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor

Intensive introduction to the principles of legged locomotion, as they apply to robots and animals. Topics: selection and coordination of gait, energetics and speed, mechanical design, evolution of legged creatures, control of balance, algorithms for rough terrain, and gymnastics. Students required to complete a project on a related topic.


September 14, 1999: Introduction

September 21, 1999: Biomechanics, Energetics, and Control

September 28, 1999:  Passive Dynamics

October 5, 1999: Bipedal Walking Robots I

October 12, 1999:   Bipedal Walking Robots II

October 19, 1999: Running: Role of Compliance

October 26, 1999:  Is Gait a Coupled Oscillation?

November 2, 1999: Scaling

November 9, 1999: Design

November 16, 1999: Evolution and Learning

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Pictures by Eadweard Muybridge