MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Research Abstracts — 2001


Bio Machines


Hal Abelson,
Gerald Jay Sussman &
Thomas F. Knight, Jr.
Amorphous and Cellular Computing pdf link ps link
Bryan Adams
Homeostasis: From Living Creatures to Living Machines pdf link ps link
Jake Beal &
Gerald Jay Sussman
TTL Databook of the Mind pdf link ps link
Max Berniker &
Steve G. Massaquoi
Modeling and Analysis of HumanMotor Control and Learning pdf link ps link
Joaquin Blaya,
Dava Newman &
Hugh Herr
Active Ankle Foot Orthoses (AAFO) pdf link ps link
Rodney Brooks
Living Machines pdf link ps link
Bob Dennis &
Hugh Herr
An Actin-Myosin Machine pdf link ps link
Andreas Hofmann
Learning Bipedal Locomotion by Demonstration pdf link ps link
Gregory T. Huang &
Hugh Herr
Toward a Three-Dimensional Forward Model of Human Walking pdf link ps link
Lily Kim,
Sungho Jo,
Kazutaka Takahashi &
Steve G. Massaquoi
Bottom-Up Modeling of Cerebro-Cerebellar Interaction pdf link ps link
Martin C. Martin
Complexity from a Simple Bag of Tricks pdf link ps link
Radhika Nagpal &
Gerald Jay Sussman
Robust Engineering Using Biologically-Inspired Models of Cell Differentiation and Morphogenesis pdf link ps link
Michael L. Palmer,
Patrick O. Riley &
Hugh M. Herr
Characterization of the Human Foot/Ankle System During Normal Walking Gait pdf link ps link
Andre Seyfarth,
Hartmut Geyer &
Hugh M. Herr
Leg Design and Control for Fast Locomotion pdf link ps link
Russell Tedrake
Trajectory Generation for Bipedal Robots Using Recurrent Neural Networks pdf link ps link
Eduardo Torres-Jara
A Self-Feeding Robot pdf link ps link
Gene Yeo &
Alexander Rakhlin
Neuronal Stem Cell Differentiation pdf link ps link
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